Lemon Protecting Hand Cream

Know any-one with over washed / dried hands? This could be the perfect pick them up and a gift they will want to use many times a day!

Frequent washing of your skin negatively affects the protective layer of lipids that stop the skin drying out naturally. To combat this, use a moisturiser that will keep the skin hydrated. This one has a creamy formula that feels soft and silky.

Plus it is a 2 in 1 formulation so works on both your hands and body really well.

The ingredients include The Body Shop Community Fair Trade Shea Butter from Ghana ( read more about this later!), plus the protective and antioxidant rich organic Olive oil from Italy, plus of course organic Lemon Oil (as you would expect).

The recommended use for this is to apply it after showering / drying yourself off. Just squeeze some onto your skin and smooth it into your hands and body.

The perfect partner for this as a gift is of course either the anti-bacterial hand sanitiser, or the purifying hair and body wash. But why not think outside the box of lemons and treat someone to a salon like experience with The Body Shop Moisture Boost Gloves, sculpt and smooth a nail file, a nail brush, and of course sweet almond nail and cuticle manicure oil.