Most people in the UK will have heard of The Body Shop™, understand the type of products they sell, and appreciate they are working to make the world a better place. Most know they have shops and would expect their products to be available online.

Very few know they have independent consultants (akin to Avon) and that this sales channel is the fastest growing within The Body Shop™.

In 2020 The Body Shop At Home™ sold over £185m worth of products. A staggering 229% increase on the 2019 sales figure.

Your opportunity is to share in this meteoric sales growth and grab your slice of the £46m+ paid out in commission! All whilst working from home, having fun and making new friends.

As a The Body Shop At Home™ Independent Consultant you have access to the vast majority of The Body Shop™ products to sell to your friends, family & colleagues. For each product you sell you will typically receive a 25% commission (see The Rewards).

You are supported in this effort by other Independent Consultants who will share how they have become successful as well as a dedicated Consultant Support Team employed by The Body Shop™.

Pre pandemic sales were typically made through hosting small parties where products could be tried, beauty secrets could be shared and new friendships could be forged. These parties have moved online due to COVID restrictions and take the form of an interactive video call (think Zoom etc).

Following the party you input individual orders directly into a dedicated The Body Shop At Home™ order system and orders are then dispatched to party guests or to yourself for distribution.

As your customer base increases you may find individuals that want be part of this success story. You are able to bring them in as an Independent Consultant, help them grow and share financially in their success.

Please note that sales via eBay, Amazon, Facebook marketplace and similar platforms are not permitted.

As an Independent Consultant for The Body Shop At Home™ you will typically receive a commission of 25% of the suggested retail price of the products you sell*. This is paid twice a week to your nominated bank account.

In addition there are frequent incentives from which you can receive free products or cash bonuses (paid monthly). In the past these incentives have also included trips to St. Lucia and Japan for high achievers.

Your earnings are not capped so the sky’s the limit!

Should you start to introduce individuals to The Body Shop At Home™ as Independent Consultants you share in their success as an incentive to help you mentor their growth.

Full details of the remuneration scheme and the terms and conditions of being an Independent Consultant for The Body Shop At Home™ are supplied as part of the signup process.

* Commissions may vary due to incentives and there are a small number of identified products that attract a reduced rate (typically charity items).

Getting started is easy, but it’s worth having a plan of action in place, so feel free to contact me for ideas on how to hit the ground running.

To become an Independent Consultant for The Body Shop At Home™ you will need follow the link on this page, review the terms and conditions, and purchase a Starter Beauty Pack.

The Starter Beauty Pack is typically £49 (but this can vary with incentives). It contains around £220 worth of The Body Shop™ products to help you get started on the road to success. [It’s an absolute bargain given the fantastic products inside – even if you then decided selling this iconic brand wasn’t for you.]

That’s it! For a small monetary investment and some time and commitment, you too can start a journey to financial independence. Many consultants make thousands of Pounds of commission a year, some make tens or hundreds of thousands and a few make millions!

The sky truly is the limit!